24 October 2009

The Apple Of My Eye


Do you guys LOVE stewed apple?

I know I do.

That's me, looking a bit worse for wear, and in a rare makeup-less and skinny jeans-less moment, chowing down an entire saucepan of stewed apple last night after having discovered it on the stove. Stewed apple just might be the food of the gods. Along with aioli, the world's most perfect condiment (which is, incredibly, even better when served by itself). Stewed apple + aioli? Hmm, I'm going to take a lesson here from Hamish Blake and say no. He discovered that mixing the food of the gods is not always ideal - lemonade and milk, specifically. I hate milk, so I don't have that problem... but I don't know, I think I love aioli too much to taint it with the flavour of something else... and I feel the same about stewed apple.


Tonight, I've found another saucepan full of stewed apple. Could these be the greatest days of my life? In fact, I'm recording this online simply so when I come back in a few days, complaining of how I hate my life and my dissertation proposal, I'll remember that once I had enormous amounts of stewed apple, and those days were worth living.

Halloween is soon, and since it's due to be my last night out in a while, it's going to be a cracker. Yasmin and I are going as roadkill. She's corpse bride, and I'm roadkill Geisha. I was going to be Cleopatra, but turns out we have this tacky tacky Thai kimono at my house which I can totally run over (for the roadkill effect) PLUS it means I get to do Geisha makeup. And THAT means Russian Red + Ruby Woo lips! Is this destined to be the greatest night of my life? I say yes.

Ah, Sayuri. Will you ever do me wrong?

Here's to bigger and better things! *clink*

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