31 August 2009


Is this, or is this not, the cutest thing you've ever seen?

It's called "Alice's Sewing Basket" and was designed by Jillian Nickell. I for one love it and will probably be buying it from threadless.com in the next few weeks. You know, with the money I'm saving to move to Japan.

Speaking of Japan, here's a photo of one of my faves.

I do recall saying I was going to devise a ranking system in order to sort out my favourite Japanese guys, but I think it goes something like
1: Nayuha
2: Kosuke Kitajima
3: Ryohei Komori
4: Hiroyuki Tomita
5: The rest of the Japanese gymnastics team
6: The rest of the male Japanese population

I'm going for a nail polish-free week! I'm keen to see how long it lasts. Because I constantly wear nail polish, and usually in shades such as "My Chihuahua Bites" which is the brightest red-coral I've ever seen, or "We'll Always Have Paris" - a lovely dark aubergine, you can imagine my nails themselves are stained quite nastily. Tonight I spent no less than an hour with my fingertips dipped in lemon juice to try and bleach them. By the end of it my fingers were beginning to sting. Beauty is pain, people.

It was, in retrospect, something of a pointless exercise, because, let's be honest. Tomorrrow afternoon I'm going to get over this and go and paint them an outlandish shade of pink, maybe "Dress To Empress" (it's from the Japanese Collection. Go figure). Still, an improvement in the colour of my nails has been noted, so if you're looking for a way to solve your yellow nail issues, either stop smoking - you digusting fag hag, or dip your nails in lemon juice.

Wowee. It's now just one week until I depart for the sunny Gold Coast, in Australia, for Worlds. Pooping myself much? This week, I have a new and improved schedule which will see me spending less time in the gym (because my shoulder are starting to look like... boulders) and more time out in the wilderness doing more useful training. Depending on the weather, of course. Right now, Zeus is out there having a whale of time and showering the town where I live with rain, wind, and thunder - to the extent where my internet connection has started to get a bit dodgy. Never mind, I'm tough. There's nothing quite like running in the rain.

Anyway, once we get to Australia, I'll have a day to sort myself out, then I'm racing in the Aquathlon World Championships on Wednesday, September 9th. This race consists of a 2.5km run, 1km swim and another 2.5km run, and is being treated by most of our team as a tune-up for the big event, which is on Saturday! ARGH! It's so close I don't know what to do with myself! That said, I'm very happy with my current training and state of fitness, so bring it on! *shadow boxes*

That was a lot of exclamation marks for a short paragraph. In fact, there were five sentences in there, and four exclamation marks. Eek.

Do you guys have any interests that begin with the letter "U"? I don't, apparently. Yes, I do realise it's an odd fact to know about myself, but tonight I got bored and put my Facebook "Interests" section into alphabetical order. U, X and Z were the only letters of the alphabet missing, and I really feel that my obsession with Orana Park could qualify me to legitimately list "zoos" as an interest. Here's a photo of me feeding a giraffe there.

My arms are now literally half the size they are in this photo, along with my chest. Yuss.

Anyway, what is there that I could possibly be interested in that starts with a "U"? Umbrellas? Urophagia *vomits in mouth*? Underwater hockey? None of these things really appeal. If you have an interest that begins with the letter "U", let me know.

For now, look after your elbows and knees, and smile at strangers.

Over and out.

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