31 October 2009

Fun With A Kimono And A Car

It's Halloween tonight!!!

I am so excited up in here. Tonight I am dressing up as a Geisha who's been hit by a car. Yessss.

Supposedly there is a "Vampire Party" at Bar101, with free drinks for those in theme. Yasmin has suggested we make puncture holes in our necks and hope this constitutes as "theme". I hope so, but I dare say those dressed up like that awful girl from that awful movie, Twilight, will have a better chance. How lame. Trust 101 to get in on the lamest craze since Harry Potter.

Speaking of which, I have to read Harry Potter for a paper I'm taking in the summer to satisfy general education requirements. Can you believe that? There is a paper at Otago University about Harry Potter. I am so unimpressed.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure it's going to take me like, all day to get ready, so give me a few seconds and I'm outta here.

Have an awesome Halloween, yo.

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