24 October 2009

Zoo Elektra

Screw Farmville. My Zoo is where it's at.

Do ALL your friends on Facebook play Farmville? Because mine do, and even people on textsfromlastnight.com play, too. I went to visit Sophie at work the other day, and she harvested her Farmville fields while we ate sushi and reminisced about Ben.

I've long been a stalwart of not playing Facebook games. Sure, there was that week where I played Geo Challenge compulsively, eventually becoming #3 in New Zealand on the USA Tour, but I was sick, and lonely, and I haven't played since.

What then, am I up doing at 2:30am on Facebook?

My Zoo. It's Farmville, but worse. You start off with money, and you win challenges by doing what it tells you to (duhhh). I started off with a petting zoo with one Norwegian goat, or something along those lines, and got pretty excited shortly after when I built a marsupial enclosure and got some kangaroos. I then visited Sophie's Zoo (yes, Sophie plays My Zoo too) and was dismayed to see she not only has Norwegian goats, and kangaroos, but snow leopards, Malayan tapirs, and Chilean flamingoes. Sophie has 124 species at her zoo, compared to my 10. I'm feeling rather underwhelmed with my efforts now! Game on, Sophie.

Guess who else has a zoo? Thom. Hilariously, it's named "Radioactive Reptiles", which as you may remember, is the silly name our team went by for 48Hour. Thankfully, I'm in front of Thom on the My Zoo leaderboard. One hopes I could run a zoo better than him!

Anyway, it's still sixteen days until the Summer Session at uni starts, so until then, I have a new goal in life: to have the best zoo ever. It's on, like donkey kong (even though I don't have any donkeys on my farm, just exmoor ponies).

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