22 October 2009

That Which Does Not Kill Me, Makes Me More Of A Douche.

Now, I like to think I don't commentate on celebrity life alllll that often. Sure, I once posted a blog named "I Have An Entire Photo Album On Picasa Dedicated To Lauren Conrad", and I gave a review of Heidi Montag's revolting wedding, but in general, I am far too self-obsessed to blather about the lives of those with more money, better looks, and more cameras following them.

Until now, and that's because I am ready to drive a stake through Kanye West's torso. Seriously, WHO IS THAT GUY?!

Admittedly, one of my favourite running songs is "Stronger" - but to be fair, that was a Daft Punk song anyway, so it doesn't count. Kanye West is a big douchebag. I steered away from commenting on his ridiculous antics at the VMAs earlier this year, when he upstaged one of my faves, Taylor Swift. It's been covered in all forms of media - the news, social networking, the blogosphere - ad nauseum, but I would just like to add my support to the droves of people that thought that was pretty much the most disrespectful and gross display of narcissism, ever. WHO CARES if you thought Beyonce's video was better, man? You weren't on the voting committee, and if your opinion was really so important, you would have been. So, shut the fuck up.

That mostly blew over, until the "Ima let you finish, but... *insert name here* was the best *insert event here* ... of all time" became the most popular catch phrase of 2009. Seriously?

So now, since it's all died down, Kanye has been blasted into irrelevant oblivion, where he belongs. He's been replaced on Twitter by "Paranormal Activity", The World Series, and of course Balloon Boy (don't even get me started on Balloon Boy. Should those parents NOT be in jail? Urgh). Until yesterday, when he attempted to fake his own death, via his website, in an attempt to become culturally relevant again. Sorry Kanye, you still suck, and you're still that guy who stole the microphone off Taylor Swift at the VMAs. You're still a douche.

It amazes me that people think this guy is a genius. I'm sorry, but this is not the way geniuses behave. This is the way people with clinical mental disorders, such as Narcissistic Personality Disorder (it got mentioned in class while I was at Otago, so naturally, I'm now an expert - ha ha) behave. APOLOGISING IN CAPITALS DOESN'T HELP EITHER, you loser.

I don't know about you, but I wish Kanye West would fuck off and die.

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