30 October 2009

How Times Have... Stayed The Same?

On May 2 of this year, I screenshotted my Google Chrome "Most Visited" page, and I just did it again, thinking that it would have changed wildly. It hasn't, really.

In May, it went like this:
1. Facebook
2. "Pretty" Mainstream (which was, as you may know, the name by which this blog went in the days before crazy girl stalked me)
3. iGoogle
4. KiwiBank
5. Wikipedia
6. Overheard in New York
7. Google Images
8. Sephora
9. University of Auckland

This was taken about five minutes ago. As you can see, it consists of the following sites:
1. Facebook. No surprises there.
2. Google (because my regular iGoogle is signed out right now)
3. KiwiBank
4. Wikipedia
5. Sephora
6. Texts From Last Night
7. University of Otago
8. Threadless

Is it just me, or is that pretty much exactly the same? I mean, my blog is not on there because I haven't visited it much at the new address, and Overheard in New York has been replaced with TFLN, while Otago has taken the place of Auckland.

Wow, I'm quite boring, aren't I?

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