29 October 2009

To iPhone, Or Not To iPhone


Now, I know I'm a bit behind with the times here. iPhones are old news. But after being briefly separated from my own, most-hated cellphone today after a long and cold night in a barn in Ngaruawahia involving fake blood and a pompous guy singing ridiculous showtunes, I flirted with the idea of an iPhone. I must admit, it's rather tempting.

If I'd had my way when purchasing my laptop computer, I would have gone with a MacBook Pro. It's what Kirby uses, and after many an all-night jaunt at Wintec with her, playing on the iMacs and designing fake birth certificates along with invites to parties that never came to fruition, I was tempted to get one for myself. Like most grand plans in my life, however, finance didn't come to the party and I ended up with an entry-level Dell. I mean, it's not like I actually require anything else anyway, since all I do is play My Zoo on Facebook and write blogs.

I've only recently learned of the myriad of apps available for download on the iPhone. And after an afternoon wasted studying them, I now want one more than ever. In the "Education" section of the Apple Store alone, I saw about 100 apps I would like. I could supplement my Japanese tuition next year with one of at least a hundred apps dedicated to the language, as well as pass my literature paper with CliffNotes. There's a NASA app. There are apps with makeup tips. I could get carried away here. Do you think there could even be typography apps? There's one about Gandhi...

If iPhones had been around in 2006, I would have
had something better to do than learn the Periodic Table
during English class...

And I'm not even lying when I say I could afford this! Due to recent sales of prized personal possessions (oooh, alliteration. Love it), I'm in something of a position to not only buy one, but maintain its upkeep.

It's a nice thought... but then, so is going on exchange to the University of Iceland. So we'll see...

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