20 April 2009

XTERRA: Pictures

Some of these are my own, and some are from Fotoengineers. There's also millions more up at marathon-photos. Gotta say I'm pretty disappointed at the lack of photos of the women's event, particularly Nic, from Fotoengineers.

Cabin (yellow) exiting the swim (Fotoengineers)

The calm of transition before the storm of wetsuited bodies descend upon it (me)

A casual-looking Olympic gold medallist Hamish Carter goes unnoticed before the race (me)

My bike! Waiting at the lookout for the bikes to come past (me)

Toast? Wilding stops for a drink

Richard Ussher (4) extending his lead over Scott in the second lap of the run (Fotoengineers)

Terenzo heading into his second lap, and attempting to salvage his race (Fotoengineers)

Scotty looking a little too comfortable at the finish line. Run faster next time! (Fotoengineers)

Cabin finishing. The look on his face says a lot... (Fotoengineers)

Monique Avery, first age-group female to finish (me)

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