22 April 2009

Let's Do That Again! ... After We Die

This morning I feel like I ran a marathon in handstand position. Or had my torso run over by a steamroller. Maybe it's because of the incredibly bizarre night Kirby and I had on the Shore and also at the Viaduct.

Kirby is not an Aucklander, nor is she a fan of this amazing city. Which is a shame, and something I decided to change when she rolled up to my house, almost unannounced at around 9:30pm last night. We decided we would shoot out and get McDonald's, and then egg Chris' house. Which is, for the record, down a right of way (good thing there's SO many in Bayswater, so my Shore readers won't go out looking for him). So it proved to not be the greatest idea ever. Add that to the fact that EVERY time I engage in some sort of civil disturbance, I break into uncontrollable laughter which invariably leads to me not being able to drive, walk, move...

So instead, we drove up Lake Road while I hiffed eggs out the driver's window of my car at unsuspecting motorists. Yeah, I'm all about safety. To be fair, out of five eggs, only one hit a car. This is because I was laughing too much to put any strength behind my throw... and because my eyesight at night is so poor, I couldn't even see where I was throwing.


We then hit up Foodtown on Barry's Point Road, with the intention of buying more (!!!) eggs. Instead, we left with a copy of Australian Vogue magazine, an array of cleaning products, some juice, and waaay too many Chupa-Chups. Nom nom nom.

Kirby's never been to Viaduct Harbour, so we parked up and walked around, while she marvelled at all the "boats".
"Do you know," she said "that I only found out like, a couple of weeks ago that yachts and boats are different!?" She then pointed at a cat. "What the hell is THAT?"
"That's a catamaran." I told her.
"A cata ma what?!"
The fact remains that the Viaduct is beautiful, and Kirby was beginning to become a convert. We then drove along the waterfront, which is less beautiful due to the fact that the "waterfront" here is in fact the Ports of Auckland. Mmm, industry.

She then wanted to see the Sky Tower, so we headed up there and somehow managed to attract a policecop tail. Just what I need, when I'm on my restricted, with an un-buckled in passenger, with tonnnnnnes of demerit points, at midnight. We managed to swing it though, and also scouted out the dwindling number of prostitutes on Karangahape Road.

By this time it was getting late (or early), so we headed back to Bayswater and promptly fell asleep. Now, on recount of this night, I can't find any reason why I now feel so rubbish. Suggestions are welcome!?

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