22 April 2009

Live-In Skin

I'm on the hunt for the perfect foundation. Suggestions are welcome.

Current front-runners (subject to finances) are
- MAC Studio Fix Fluid
- Dior DiorSkin Sculpt
- Chanel Mat Lumiere

Yeah, so they're all ridiculously expensive, but it's foundation. I wear it all day, every day, so I don't want any of this SRA jojoba crap.

A Bobbi Brown artist demoed the classic Bobbi stick foundation on me earlier in the week. I'm not convinced that I agree with her shade choice, as I looked a little... cancerous afterwards. It had great coverage, but an unusual consistency (guess this was due to the stick formula) that I didn't really like.

Previous favourite foundations have included Clinique Superbalanced and L'Oreal True Match, so I'm more of a liquid foundation girl. Sephora.com just blew my mind with their options: all 76 of them. Luckily for me, most of them aren't available in New Zealand, so I don't have the opportunity to try them. Although, I must admit, Make Up For Ever's Mat Velvet + looks fairly enticing. Of course, true to form, it's only available at Sephora.

MAC Studio Fix was a recent recommendation from my much-adored SRA buddy, Sara Whalen. She says its coverage is unmatchable, which is key for me. She's a MAC freak - her goal is to work there - so I do wonder how biased her opinion is, but I'm willing to give it a try tomorrow. Previously I've tried Studio Sculpt, their latest offering, but not really enough to get a good idea of it, and another SRA associate Grace doesn't rate it for staying power. Admittedly, Grace parties like crazy Thursday through Saturday of every week, and doesn't even get out of bed on Sundays, so staying power to her means something a little different than it does me!

I tried Chanel's Mat Lumiere (expected retail: $103. Actual retail: $85. Not bad!) on Monday and rather liked. I was less impressed with the counter assistant, who was an odd shade of peach, with yellowing peroxide blonde hair. Luckily I got to the samples before she did and was able to select my own colour to try. I've recently become obsessed with Chanel - at the beginning of last year I paid $98 for a red lipstick as worn by Jennifer Aniston on the cover of January 2008's Harper's Bazaar and only started wearing it recently. In fact, it was the lipstick I wore to Danielle's drinks last week and lasted more than nine hours. And Coco Chanel? What a hottie.

In fact, that may be the exact lipstick I use...

Further recommendations as to the perfect foundation for me are welcome.

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