14 April 2009

Memoirs Of A Burnout

I thought I dreamt of Nayuha last night, but it turned out to be Donny...

Earlier in the evening I watched Memoirs of a Geisha with my sister and her boyfriend (his sister is the TV3 sports reporter and sometimes weather girl, Penny) and made the comment that it made me want to go to Japan.
"What? Young girls selling their bodies?" came my sister's response. She sounded suitably disgusted.

But no, it wasn't that. It was everything else... the cherry blossoms, the Japanese guys, the cute outfits. I loved Sayuri and the way she pattered about the place like some sort of ethereal swan. No, I wasn't too hot on the fact that she was kind of a prostitute, but you know what? She was still classy.

I liked that she held a candle for the Chairmen in the way that I do for Donny. Only, her little infatuation started a little earlier than mine, possibly didn't involve him backhanding her in the face, and had a happy ending. Sigh. Then of course, I decided that maybe Nayuha was my chairman after all. For the last maybe, half hour of the film, I sat around daydreaming about how happy we'd be in Japan together.

* For the record, he very casually asked me to marry him on Thursday afternoon. It was via MSN Messenger but you know what? I'm happy with that.

I fell asleep in a big comfortable bed at my sister's place in Rolleston and proceeded to have a very happy dream about who I thought was Nayuha. It was only a few hours later in consciousness that I remembered seeing Donny's face quite clearly. And that kind of ruined my happy spell.

Upon my return to Auckland I decided to stop in at Sylvia Park on my way home from the airport. It was brief - it lasted all of about fifteen minutes, which was spent driving around the labyrinth of a carpark in a state of exasperation at not being able to find a park. I came back to the Shore and spent another forty minutes in a similar rage at Westfield Albany, until I calmed myself enough to be patient and wait for another shopper to leave. Hooray!

Bad move, it later proved as I left the mall over an hour later, having bought hairdye, blush, bronzer, and two juices. The hairdye, of course, was the one with Aishwarya Rai on the box, the blush - Soft Rose by L'Oreal, the bronzer - something of a whimsy purchase, but to be fair, I DO need some for my kit. Juice? Yeah, one maybe. I can let myself get away with one. But TWO? Over the course of an hour and fifteen minutes? Not ideal.

Ah, well. At least I restrained myself from buying that running top. I was drawn into Shoe Clinic by new Adidas apparel - black running tops to be more specific. You know, for ALL the running I do. Anyway, it was $70, so probably a good thing I have a smidgeon of economic conscience left, or it would probably be lying on the floor of my insanely messy bedroom right now, along with the other tops I own.

At least if nothing else I have a full tank of gas to get me to Hamilton on Wednesday, and again on Friday so my mum can take me to XTERRA. The fact that I don't have enough money for rent next week? Hmmm...

What Would Sayuri Do?

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