17 April 2009

Of All The Gin Joints In All The World...

After graduation today, we hit up the Northern Steamship in Downtown for lunch.

"We" being our whole class except crazy Jenny. This is because Jenny is "banned" from the Steamship. What? What has a borderline insane seventeen-year-old done to be banned from a bar? Umm... apparently it's where her "ex" worked. WORKED. Past tense.

Soooo this crazy bitch thinks she can't go to a restaurant because of someone (I'm still deciding if he's actually real) that used to work there. That's ridiculous.

In January, I got kicked out of a club in Hamilton and given a trespass notice for throwing a well-deserved punch at a guy I know. I went in on Wednesday night. No problems. So is Jenny crazy?

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: Ummm, probably... you should hear the stuff she comes out with. For real. "I grew up in Belarus."
"I did fencing."
"My ex-fiance does heroin."
"I got engaged after having a one-night stand."
"My boyfriend has perfect bone structure." This statement was in fact proved INCORRECT when she brought said boyfriend in for "man makeup". That's the day I took Alex and Cam to school for the same assessment, both of whom were MUCH better-looking than Caleb.

There's more, but the one I take particular offense to is the one about Belarus.
"Really? Where did you live?" I asked, after her announcement. She looked at me blankly, and then looked away, without answering.
"What? Like, Minsk?" I said. She looked back.
"Uh, yeah. Minsk."

Are you kidding me? If you grew up in fucking Belarus, you're not going to need your "memory jogged" as to where it was you lived. I spent parts of my childhood in two "Stan" states - Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. And before you ask, yes... I do know the names of the cities. In Uzbekistan, my uncle has an entire family in and around the greater Tashkent. Which, admittedly is where every Uzbek lives, but it's also where I lived. I've had the pleasure of seeing kidneys being sold in flea markets. We also made brief residence in Farab, a strange little town outside of Chardzhou in Turkmenistan.

Anyway. The Steamship went down alright... a bit too much seafood for my liking, but I guess you get that, on the waterfront.

For Graduation, I sported a hot pink lip, similar to the one I wore for Sophie's 21st. I bought "Trolley Dolly" by Chi Chi as something of a joke, not expecting to use it. Now I pretty much wear it all the time. Hooray for mindless purchases! See below...

Figure One: Pink Lips

From Wednesday night: Red Lips

Granted, the photos are of hugely varying quality, because one is from my camera and one is from my phone. I think I'm becoming a lip person, guys!

I'll leave you with that, as I'm now off to ROTORUA for XTERRA! Yeow!!!

Have a great weekend, yo. I know I will.

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