16 April 2009

In T Minus 42 Hours...

I'll be at XTERRA!


Yes, I know I've gone on and on about how I'm not racing this year, but it's like, a big deal. XTERRA is like, my life.

... Even if I have to sit on the sideline this year.

Never fear, plenty of other exciting stuff is happening in my world.

Tomorrow: Graduation at SRA. Not exactly exciting, but it means I never have to go there again!!!

Yesterday: Danielle's Goodbye Drinks. Saaaad, but fun! Danielle is an old high school friend who's pursuing some sort of mad crazy career in Resource and Environmental Planning, specifically Eco-Tourism. Yep, she's a smart cookie. Trouble is, the eco-tourism thing? Yeah, it's based in Greymouth.

*tumbleweed rolls past*

And Greymouth isn't exactly party central. Never mind though - we made the most of it last night at Singer, Rodeo Rodeo (yeah, I know...) and then Bar101, where I also saw McKoo. Jackpot!

I did Danielle's, and her sister Rachel's makeup before we left for town and they looked gorgeous. Yay! I also braved the Hamilton streets with a red lip, which stayed on flawlessly until 3:30am. I'm impressed. Danielle sported a purple half-smoky eye, and Rachel had a bronze/gold smoky eye. Very nice!

Who else was there? Alex, obviously... it wouldn't be a night out without his deadpan humour. Michael Morton and his new wife, Nicola. Clare MacFarlane, a childhood Brownies friend of mine, and of course the lovely "SunShaarne" and Lizzie. Lizzie and I spent most of the night complaining about the cost of cocaine. As you do. Micaela also made an appearance (and saved my hide... I had no money to get home - typical - and Micaela came to my rescue with petrol vouchers). My high school waterpolo teammate, Donna, and her boyfriend Adam, who I'd previously met one night while driving a carful of drunken larrikins into town... and some other guy named Alex, who famously dressed as Alex from Madagascar at the "Say My Name, Bitch" party where I debuted my Metamorphosis costume. Confused? Yeah, me too. Danielle has a lot of friends.

Turns out Alex the Lion is a cool guy... with a freakishly good memory. "You don't come across many chicks who play Led Zeppelin in their car. And it wasn't just Stairway to Heaven, either. It was like, When The Levee Breaks". His story about how an overgrown lion cub mauled his younger sister was particularly delightful. In a sadistic kind of way.

Anyway, by 1:30am I had turned into a shivering human ice cube so decided it was time to call it a night and come back to the BW. It was a long drive, and towards the end of it I started to wonder how dangerous it was, as I fought to keep my eyes open. I'm seriously not doing that again.

Imagine my joy then, when this morning at 6:57am I woke up. I fell asleep at like, 4am!! WTF.

Ah well, it all made for an excellent night, if not one tinged with sadness because Danielle is gone for a WHOLE YEAR! Boo.

And right now? It's dinner time. Nom nom nom.

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