10 April 2009

Let's Not Forget What Easter's About This Weekend...

Which is, of course, CHOCOLATE!

I hope you eat heaps.

I won't be, since it's Danielle's farewell drinks on Wednesday night (sniff, sniff) and you never know who's going to be there. By that I mean Donny. I intend to look as thin as a heroin addict. As I said to Nick last night, "ribcages are a sign of victory!!".

If you're doing XTERRA next weekend, remember to train! Like you need to be told.

I'm off to Christchurch in about an hour. Hopefully my lovely sister Louise is going to be up for me doing makeup on her all weekend... so after Tuesday, check out mimartiste.blogspot.com as it should be going live! Yusss.

It's kind of cold this morning. I mean, not winter-in-Uzbekistan cold, just "am I in Auckland or Dunedin?" cold. The answer is, for now, Auckland. I have fears for tomorrow morning, and as such I'll be wearing the great cable-knit hat I stole from Kirby's hatpile on Wednesday morning pretty much ALL weekend. Love you, Kirb.

On that note, if I don't leave now, I never will... so happy Easter everyone!

Peace, love and bobby pins. xo

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