27 April 2009

Sleeping On Your Folks' Porch, Again

Or on your best friend's floor. Whichever works best for you.

My brother passed out on Kirby's steps on Saturday night, and was later kicked off the property by her pedantic flatmate. Kirby and I slept on the floor of her bedroom last night. Unsurprisingly, we had a highly unproductive day today.

At 8am (after being awake until after 3am) we woke up with the intention of going for a swim. Never happened. Instead, we stayed "in bed"- wrapped in duvets on the floor - until after midday, when we eventually made a move and went about "socialising, and being ladies about town". By which I mean we went to the KFC drive-thru and then into town, where we basically slothed around the place, unwashed and in trackpants and dirty tshirts, bare feet and armed with juice from Tank. We had about ten minutes of uber-hyperactivity, which involved a "race" up the stairs of the cinema (ended with me lying on the floor in uncontrollable laughter), the decision to buy Twilight on DVD, and the immediate subsequent decision to NOT buy Twilight on DVD, more uncontrollable laughter, and a drive home.

Within minutes of getting home, I fell asleep in the pile of duvets on the floor, occasionally woken by Kirby whistling, laughing at our ridiculous Facebook in-jokes and just blathering in general.

I love our lives.

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