23 April 2009

Frivolity At It's Best

From Sephora.com:

Hourglass Waterproof Bronzer

Yep, bronzer now stays on while you swim! Just what I need.
It's rather uncanny that this oh-so-useful product has surfaced overnight, because just yesterday I was reading an article in Australian Vogue about a new phenomenon known as Acquired Situational Narcissism (ASN), which is thought to be an off-shoot of full-blown narcissism. Apparently the latter only truly affects 1-2% of the world's population (excluding celebrities, one assumes).

The article describes the "new narcissist" as someone who experiences moderate success and/or fame early in adulthood and then becomes unable to adapt suitably. This in turn leads to them believing they are the only person worthy of attention and praise. It sounds like a vicious cycle, and probably something I can do without.

The reason I'm associating narcissism with this bronzer is because in my mind, it equates with vanity - something I'm incredibly guilty of - and something I'm sure you'll find many makeup artists are. Only someone as vain as me, or perhaps even moreso, would need a waterproof bronzer. Let's be honest. Everyone knows that if you go swimming, you're not going to come out looking as fabulous as you did before. If you're a mascara user, it's going to be all smeared up under your eyes, your hair is going to look gross, and, sigh, unfortunately, your bronzer is going to wash off. That was, until now!

Come on, girls. Prove me wrong. We don't need waterproof bronzer!!!

@ iheartmake-up.blogspot.com:

Make-Up Trend: Navy Smoky Eyes

Yeah, okay. Been there, done that. I've long been a stalwart of smoky eyes in colours other than black, and I find it hard to believe that Bollywood has only just switched onto this.
Can you believe the recommendation for this look is MAC LiquidLast in Inky? Please. I own this! And have done for like, more than a year. Pfft.

Get some new trends, yo.

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