9 April 2009

Don't You Know Who I Think I Am?

I know, I know. Enough with the Fall Out Boy post titles!!!

It's only because I downloaded "From Under The Cork Tree" the other day, post-collapse. (I almost thought I was onto another song title there, but it's "Collapse [Post-Amerika]".

Ummm, what is even up with spelling "America" with a K, for fuck's sake? It's like that Rammstein song, only I'll let them get away with it because they're German, and I believe that "C" has a different sound over there. I'm not actually sure, but anyway... point is, Rise Against should know better.

Speaking of Rise Against, I had every intention of going to their show last week on March 31 at the Power Station. Never happened, because by the time I got around to attempting to buy my ticket, the show had sold out. Not happy. I felt a little better when Donny called to tell me he wasn't there either, then proceeded to continue conversation with me. I'm telling you guys, this is soooo not all me. Not that he'd let you know that.

In other news, I graduate from SRA so soon that it's almost incomprehensible. Next Friday, to be exact... so I only have four days left of being a student. Next Friday afternoon, I'll be a qualified professional makeup artist. To that end, Kirby's going to be designing me some business cards.

Once I get off the ground with the quite literal "freelancing" thing... by that I mean I'll be doing it for free... I'll be setting up my new blog at mimartiste.blogspot.com, strictly for makeup purposes. It'll be beyond awesome if you can all join me there, and see my work.

That also means that if you live in the greater Auckland or Waikato area and need your makeup done for a special occasion or otherwise, let me know... and tell all your friends!! I'm serious. I'll probably start a group on Facebook too. I'm all about networking.

My mum's coming to XTERRA! Can you believe it? I mean, it would have been even cooler if she'd come last year, when I competed. But it's exciting anyway!! Who else is going? Umm, only
Terenzo Bozzone, Richard Ussher, Nic Leary, Mark Leishman, and Sarah Ulmer.

It's going to be a cracker, people!

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