6 April 2009

God Blessed Texas

Jason Savill, we are no longer friends.

You don't just fuck off and live in the state I've spent most of my life dreaming about living in, and get a job in the bike shop I WANT A JOB IN.

Yes, yes people. Some guy I knew when I was fourteen, and again recently through Hamilton Mountain Bike Club, has stolen my life and is now working at Mellow Johnny's in Austin, Texas.

You're a bastard...

Haha, okay now that I have that out of my system:

I'm wearing makeup every day this week, in case Neeraj is working on the gate at the Downtown Ferry Terminal. Sound like a drastic measure? Probably, because he usually doesn't even look up when he clips my ticket anyway, but you never know. I'm not taking that chance. Sure, Chris (or "Ferry Guy" for those who have forgotten, since it's been a while since he got any mention on here) will probably assume it's for him, as he's kind of been back in the picture of late (more on that in two ticks). But nope. I'm all about Neeraj, at least until the end of April, by which time I intend to give up on him unless he's put out. Yeah.

Chris: well, he's getting crazier by the day. He rode up to the marina in Bayswater a few weeks ago on the Pinarello that I WANT (what is it with boys stealing my dreams?), and a disgusting Cheshire Cat-like grin on his face. He waved, and I gave a tight-lipped smile. Bastard. Since then, he's brought me breakfast to my house - unannounced, but welcome because it was a Massive McMuffin, hash brown and hot chocolate, which means he remembered I don't drink coffee - attempted to wave to me (I made him look like an idiot, by turning around halfway through so he was waving at no-one. I'm so mature), and asked me out for dinner. Yes, people, this is the same guy that turned me down for dinner that time in favour of "riding home the long way" which was, as you will recall, a lie. I took great pleasure in turning him down. I actually think he's insane.

Here's his bike.

What? It's not THAT weird.

This weekend I'm going to Christchurch for Easter. And Sam's coming over on Thursday! Yay all round.

Update!!!!: Cabin and Nic won their respective events at the NZ Mountain Bike Marathon Championships this morning. Proof that they are like, awesome to the bone! Yes, the results actually say "Cabin Leishman". It's like they forgot his name's actually Mark or something. Congrats guys, you rock.

Nic. In a different race, but you get the idea.
She rules.

Anyway, Christchurch should be good. We're getting icecream, BK, Roasties... pretty much if it has an unhealthily high fat content, we're going to be eating it in massive quantities. As if I need to put any more weight on, right? XTERRA 2010 is now a year away... and road nationals aren't til October. I can have one more weekend of gorging myself before I get into Operation Skinny again. And once I'm into that shit, I should look a little something like this...

Just maybe sans the cheap porny outfit. Nikki, you slag.

Thank goodness that's a different Nic.

On that note, it's 1:08am and I promised Sal I'd go to bed like, an hour ago.

Peace and... skinny, yo.

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