4 April 2009

Sugar, We're Goin Down

Maybe just make that "I'm" going down. As was the case this afternoon when I collapsed onto the dining room floor at our house. While we had guests.


So it was a little awkward. The first introduction I had to Mike and Michaela from Minnesota (he he, if I was a person who liked generalisations, which I'm not, I might come to the conclusion that Americans have first names based on what state they hail from) was when Mike called out, "oh, she's down." And then all of a sudden Rex was rolling me over. Weird.

In other news, I FINALLY went to the optometrist this morning, who I of course promptly fell in love with. And he was white. It's unheard of. Anyway, he tested my eyes and wrote me a prescription for lenses, but not before checking my "eye health". Which, as it turns out, is pretty bad.

I have a condition I'm going to, for want of using big words, call Keratoconjunctivitis sicca. And no, it's not pink eye. I don't touch poop, nor do I rub it on my eyes. It's "dry eye". And apparently I have it pretty bad. So instead of glasses, I left the optometrist this morning with eyedrops. Turns out I sleep with my eyes open. Creepy much? Ew, no wonder boys don't want to stay over (yes, that must be it). This is turn has led to me being afflicted with dry eye. In two weeks, after using the eyedrops a rather excessive five times a day, I have to go back and be retested, in case the condition affects my prescription! Can you imagine? Having dry eyes to the extent where it's making you blind?

I'm disappointed though, because I want glasses! I don't want eyedrops! This whole dry eye thing has made me paranoid about blinking, using my computer, watching TV, sleeping, being awake for too long. You name it, I feel uncomfortable about it. In fact, now that I know it's there, my eyes have all of a sudden gotten sore. Yes, I occasionally complain of having "sore eyeballs", but usually that's a joke. Not now. Now they actually hurt. I'm scared.

In case you're interested, here's an article about dry eyes.


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