28 August 2009

Smells Better Than An Old Hat

A lot better.

I traded in bottles of supermarket-bought shampoo and conditioner (Pantene and Sunsilk, respectively) yesterday at Rodney Wayne and received $10 off Redken Extreme shampoo and conditioner. Today I used them and they're pretty much the best thing ever. The formula is for "distressed" hair, which pretty much sums up my mop to a tee. What with daily attacks of sweat, chlorine, cold air, 300-degree heat from straighteners, constant brushing, tying and re-tying up, further abuse from straighteners, and of course the array of products I use to try and keep it in its straight glory (Frizz-Ease Relaxer, Sunsilk Easy Straightening Creme, Redken Heat Glide, Schwarzkopf 48 Straightening Balm - none of which actually work, by the way) - yes, one can assume my hair is fairly distressed. I'm also considering the switch to Lady Gaga blonde in a few weeks, so if that doesn't stress out my hair, nothing will.

We'll see how the Redken goes. It gets ten points for smelling delicious, anyway. I'm a little confused as to why the shampoo bottle (300mL) is larger than the conditioner (250mL). Does ANYONE use more shampoo than they do conditioner? Seriously. If you do, let me know. I'll probably be able to give you a more accurate gauge on how well these products work, in a few weeks once I've used them more than once.

Until then, happy straightening, people!

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