27 August 2009

There's No Land Like It

Today I made a fleeting visit to my old home: North Shore City, or Shore Land. What a happy few minutes it was!

Actually, I had a fairly successful day in general. I had one of the funniest conversations of all time with Curtis when I woke up, then proceeded to journey northwards (northwards? Is that even a word?) firstly to Newmarket, and then to the Shore. Looking at what I've just written, I'm feeling a bit sad at how I define success. Really? Driving to Auckland?

In other news, my sister got engaged last night.

I don't find that particularly exciting. Should I?

My sister is 25, and has been living with this douchebag guy named Nick for a couple of years now. I'm sure he's lovely, but the fact that in his entire life he's not said one nice thing to me - instead he mocks me mercilessly, which would be fine if I thought it was in jest, but I just don't - pisses me off just a smidgen. Also, he is like, 26 going on 60. He dresses, behaves, eats, and is pretty much just like an old man. But whatever. On the upside, he is at least 400% better than my sister's last boyfriend, who is now thought to be either clinically insane or a psychopath (they were engaged, albeit briefly and while drunk, in 2004).

Another upshot of this engagement is that I've officially secured my very first bridal makeup gig. I mean, I don't know when it is, but there you have it. And no, I am not going to be a bridesmaid. This is because bridesmaids are meant to look not-as-nice-as-the-bride on the wedding day, and that just doesn't run with me. I try to upstage people at their own 21sts. As if I'm ever going to be someone's bridesmaid.

Anyway. Frankie, who you should all stalk at Swell Vintage, has just published a lovely article on the extraordinary Zooey Deschanel at Queens Of Vintage. Zooey is a longtime favourite of mine. She is a total babe. Here she is at the premiere of 500 Days Of Summer.

Those eyes! Those perfectly pink cheeks! I love love LOVE it. Also I'm obsessed with the hair, which looks a tad less crack-addict (but still hot!) than the beehive I sported at Libby's 21st in January. Mmm-hmm.

Right, well... that's about it.

Peace, love and classy beehives.

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