2 August 2009

August Rush

Wow, that sure crept up on me. It's August! Guess I got so wound up in Le Tour and Swimming Worlds that I didn't notice a new month had bulldozed its way into my life.

This means a number of things:
- Only six weeks until ITU World Championships! Seriously, this time in six weeks I'll almost be on my way home! My race is 6:45am on Saturday September 12. Eek!
- Athletics Worlds start in two weeks' time. Excitement... this means a week-long extravaganza featuring crazies like Usain Bolt and Tero Pitkamaki, and homeland heroes including Valerie Vili. Yay! I love Worlds.
- No more french fries. Gasp! Last month I gave up chocolate, almost unbelievably. Well, most chocolate anyway. I decided that Oreos don't count. I'm doing that next month.
- 2009 is like, more than half over. Scary...

This morning I had a surprisingly successful swim practice. How's that for alliteration...? Anyway, I did a set that I last did about two weeks ago, and was pretty happy with it then. Imagine my disbelief this morning when I averaged ten seconds faster per swim this morning then?! I'm starting to wonder if there's something wrong with the pace clock? Ah well. Stoked. It did take me a while to even get out of bed to train this morning - I lay around for about 30 minutes wailing, "I don't WANNA get up!". Eventually I wondered if this is how Kosuke Kitajima starts his day, and got up and stopped complaining.

Speaking of whom, turns out my second-favourite Japanese guy is now living it up in LA, training with a certain Mr Dave Salo. I'm all for this, because LA is one of my favourite places ever, but I do wonder what possesses wildly successful swimmers like Kosuke to stray from the coaches that made them. Laure Manaudou did it... and where is she now? Apart from naked on the internet (Luca Marin, you ARE going to hell). It's not that I'm losing faith in my little tsunami, but... what's wrong with Japan!?

Anyway, I don't have a lot more to say, other than the fact that I'm about to head out and get a sample of Lancome's latest offering: Genefique. Supposedly it contains proteins and the like found in youthful skin and as such prevents ageing. I find this hard to swallow, but there's some pretty intense science (past a BSc (Chem), anyway) behind it, so I'm willing to give it a go. Expect a review in 7 -10 days.

Peace, love, and youthful genes.

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