19 August 2009

And Then The Seagull Came...

I don't know why, but this week is proving to be particularly exhausting for me. I'm used to being tired a lot, but not to this extent. It's very strange, and I'm grasping at straws to come up with an explanation.

Anyway, this morning I ran on the treadmill while watching some Kenyans run a 3000m steeples race MUCH too fast. In fact, it took winner Ezekiel Kemboi just 8:00.45 to finish the race. THAT'S RIDICULOUS. In my first year at high school (albeit before I took running very seriously), I remember doing the Cooper's 12 minute run for PE class, and clocking up about 3000m. At the time, of course, I thought I was destined for distance running greatness, and for the remaining years I spent at school, every year I tried and failed to win the cross country. Anyway, I KNOW they're Kenyans, and I KNOW they get paid to train, and they live in one of the world's most appropriate countries for training steeples, but I'm just so baffled at how one can run 3000m in eight minutes. With the added drama of a few jumps, including one each lap into a pit of water, along the way. It really is quite incredible.

Zeke, en route to Olympic gold in 2004

Sanya Richards, who I used to adore (until Briar told me the reason she was so good as because she took steroids, not because of the stretching programme she followed), won the 400m final in a 2009 World Leading time of 49.00s. I don't know. I kind of think if she was really on steroids, she'd be running a lot faster than that. Like, maybe 46s? Oh, well.

I just tried to get creative in the kitchen, adding garlic mayonnaise to my bagel with egg. It wasn't half-bad, and reminded me of the time when Nicola and Ana had nothing except bread and mayonnaise in their flat while we were students at the University of Otago, so I had mayo-on-toast for tea. Yumm. I'm considering a career in fine cuisines involving egg-based condiments.

It's not a fantastic day where I live. The sky is grey. Actually grey. And it's been raining on and off since, well, presumably before I got up, because when I left my house, the roads were wet and stuff. I'm continually in awe of what a profound effect weather has upon me. This morning, for example, I came home from training instead of going to the pool, just because I felt depressed at having to use my windscreen wipers. I'm struggling to get ready for my next session, because of the colour of the sky. Is anyone else like this?

I bet Ezekiel Kemboi goes out whatever the weather. And that's why he can run a 3000m steeples in eight minutes, and I can't.

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