5 August 2009


I really feel like I need my day off tomorrow. Presently I have no intentions of getting up early to go to the gym, or going at lunchtime, or going for a run, or a bike, or a swim.

I do however, have to go to Auckland.

Auckland is a two-hour drive from where I live. When you've driven there and back as many times as I have in the last year, it starts to feel like an everyday commute. But it's one of those unexpectedly draining commutes, and when you do it twice in one day... it's not much of a day off. It's okay, though. It has to be done.

To make my day more exciting (since there will be no gym eye candy for me), I've scheduled in lunch with Sandeeka and Priya, and a visit to iBike in Newmarket, to have my Avanti fitted to perfection. I love iBike. Last time I went, I nearly left with an Argon 18 Krypton bike. I love that bike. I was going to sell both the Avanti AND the Specialized to pay for it. That's how much I love it. I'm also dropping into the 2XU "Performance Centre" (read: outlet store) to pick up my free fitness towel, which I earnt by signing up to their mailing list. Weird.

And last, but by no means least, I'm going to MAC. There are like, fifty things I want to buy there, but I pretty much can't, because I'm supposed to be in serious saver mode, now that Jen's wedding is just 10 months away. I've narrowed it down to two products: Pro Longwear Lipcolour in Clingpeach (a "shimmering peach" tone) and Mineralise SkinFinish Trio in Smooth Merge. I just love maccosmetics.com. How they ever come up with the descriptions for colours (which range from "Dirty/Deep Blue Green" to "Loudmouth Orange" and "Tanned Apricot") is well beyond me, but entertaining all the same. I mean, what does an apricot with a tan look like?

Goodbye, savings.


Today at the gym I out-shoulder pressed my old workmate, Malcolm. Yes, he is a guy, and yes, we were using the same weight. I actually felt a little guilty about it at the time, but now I'm just plain stoked with myself. I'm stronger than I look, bitches.

I guess I better bail for today. Expect to hear alllll about my new MAC loot on Friday.

Peace, love, and tanned apricots. xoxo

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