29 August 2009


My VISA got its riot gear out this morning when I discovered cosme-de.com, a website from which I can purchase NARS makeup with free shipping, and without the outrageous markups I would experience if I bought it in Auckland.

Only one store in New Zealand (Mecca Cosmetica, in Ponsonby) carries NARS, and as such it reserves the right to double the cost of the line. I'm being dead serious. Firming Foundation, for example, can be bought from Sephora for $50USD. That converts to around $73 in my currency. What would it cost me to buy it at Mecca? $150. And that's for a limited range of colours, so I'm not even guaranteed to look my best. Likewise, the eyeshadow duos (my personal favourite range of its kind) are $98. I don't know about you, but I just don't have $100 to spend on eyeshadow. And I don't know how keen I would be to spend that, even if it turned out that Richard Branson is in fact my uncle (I'm trying to prove this using my mother's genealogy software). At any rate, this morning I discovered that I can buy two sets for this price on cosme-de. Ka-ching!

Admittedly, I already gave my VISA a bit of a workout last night when I bought a tshirt from threadless.com.
Have you heard me rave about this site before? Probably. It's one of my faves. Every time I visit, I find at least six tshirts that I want, but last night I was able to narrow it down to one, and ordered away. Thus, in about two weeks time, I'm going to be sporting one of these.

It's called "Star Cross'd Lovers" and was designed by Alice Zhang and Chow Hon Lam. The decision to only buy one shirt was a begrudging one, let me assure you. My favourite print of all time, "Blooming" by TJ Zhang, has sold out in my size (stupid, because I totally had the opportunity to buy it, the day it came out, but couldn't be bothered!) and so I had another of his designs, "Shh..." in my cart all ready to go. At the end of the day though, I questioned my need for two shirts, and just went with this one. I love threadless.com.

Wow, I think I'm meant to be saving money to go to Japan!? Oops.

Peace, love, and reasonably priced makeup.

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