2 November 2009

Destined For...

I guess this is kind of a sundry post. A few things...

1: My makeup blog has moved! Yay. Visit me now at flickr.com/photos/mimartiste.
2: I'm leaving town tomorrow, in search of success through Summer School. Hamilton has seen the last of me for a while.
3: Halloween was awesome. I looked considerably less like a Geisha than I hoped (Luke has posted a particularly unflattering picture on Facebook), but bar Sophie's 21st, pretty sure it was the best night ever. Faves spotted in town: Thom, Luke, Zebu, Matamata, Becky, Manda, Bert, Libby, Megan Lee (surprise entry! What was she doing here?!). Not so faves: Donny. New fave: Ying-Te. There was a bit of rage when I threw his cigarette on the ground and "destroyed his night" but I have a sneaking suspicion that even though he didn't thank me, his bronchial tubes will.
4: Domino's has become a staple diet item for me. I think my mum has grown sick of cooking food for me that I don't eat, and as such, we're having pizza for the third time since last Monday. Good.

Expect my next post to come courtesy of the wireless internet at the University of Otago library.

Love and light.

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