22 November 2009

Guitar Hero

I can't remember if I've carried on about how obsessed I am with Orianthi Panagaris yet.

She's my new hero. Now I'm going to buy a guitar, learn how to play it via YouTube, then go play Donny a song. Or something.


I was watching one of her YouTube posts where she says "in life, I think you should do what you get." Which is sound advice, and some I've been ignoring for the most part of my own life.

I am far better at writing than I am at science, but I forced myself through a science degree, and I'm about to force myself through a Master's, because I like it, even though I could have comparatively breezed through a degree in English. To be fair, I think anyone would breeze through an English degree though. Case in point: Post-Modernist Fiction. You don't have to be a genius, by any stretch of the imagination, to know that the themes in every PM book are the same. The writing is notable only for its inherent grimness, and sense of desolation. And more than anything, you inevitably want to kill yourself by the end of each book.

A similar thing happened the day I jumped out of the pool halfway through a set, two days after failing to qualify for the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games. I left the pool with not so much as a word to my coach, Richard, and by the end of the day in question I was at Porritt Stadium, wearing spikes and repeating windsprints, trying to convince myself that a track career was going to be as easy as my swimming career was.
Three months later, when it wasn't, and I was mostly laid up with constant stress fractures, I started to rue the day I walked out of the Hamilton Municipal Pools. I quickly found out, however, that unlike Dara Torres, I was not going to make any sort of comeback. I'm lucky triathlon involves swimming. I would be screwed in any other situation...

So you see, I've spent my life going against what I get. It's been good. Depending on how you look at it. And this, kids, is precisely why I'm going to buy a guitar and play Donny songs.

Oh, and another thing: can you believe they're already advertising the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics on TV? I mean, sure I'm excited, but I'm also fairly sure they don't start until my birthday. It should be good, though. I'm a big Canada fan (just ask Curtis).

Over and out, yo.

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