13 November 2009

Sapphire In The Snow

Yuss, OPI have new holiday colours!

I do not like Christmas. This year, I get to be by myself at Christmas and that means no tree and no lame family meal. I do, however, enjoy holiday-themed nail colour. Last year, I bought "Brand New Skates", "Baby, It's Coal Outside" and "Ruby For Rudolph".

Today I discovered the new "collection", which, for the most part are the same as last year, with one exception.

Sapphire In The Snow? Yes please. It's a deep violet colour, and something of a first - I don't already own a colour that looks like it! Yay. Weirdly, it's not featured on the website, but I'll tell you what is and that's Fashion Interfaced. Yep, Dell now feature OPI colours on their Inspiron laptops. I'm kinda lucky they didn't have this a year ago, because I totally would have bought "Cajun Shrimp". I'm flaky like that.

Also, today I overheard a girl who looked about ten years old say "that was so awkward."

I don't know. It just seemed kind of weird.

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