13 November 2009


Wow, check it out, proof-reading geeks. I just made my first irreversible spelling mistake on my blog since its inception.

If you look at the URL for my last post, "Strawberry Fare" you will see that I originally spelt it "Starwberry Fare". Making spelling mistakes is almost unheard of for me - unless we're talking about Facebook chat, where I frequently become so excited while talking to Sophie that I constantly stumble over words. "teh" and "talkign" are two of my faves.

The thing is, you can change the title of a post after publishing, but not the URL, so this time my mistake is going down in internet history. Gooood.

Anyway, in recent months, I've spent more time on Wikipedia than usual, trying to read every article I can find related to Japan (the likelihood of this actually being achieved is incredibly slim). So I've come across the onsen, or hot spring.

Coming from Aotearoa, this is hardly a new concept. Well, I didn't think so at first. Turns out, in an onsen, you bathe... nekkid. In front of other people. Keen? Not so much. I started reading about them through a long and boring process that went something like Japan - JET - Prefectures - Wakayama Prefecture - Nachikatsuura - Onsen. I don't know, I find nudity slightly offensive. Obviously, these monkeys don't.

This photo was taken in Jigokudani Monkey Park in Nagano. Yes, you read that right. They have monkey parks in Japan. Keeeen. I can't wait to go.

Something else of interest I noted in regard to the onsen, is that you can't use them if you have tattoos. What!? In a country which has a Wikipedia page dedicated to its indigenous tattoo practices (irezumi), you can't go bathing if you have tattoos? Whoa.

Aaaanyway, I think that's more than enough banter out of me for the day. Over and out, kids.

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