13 November 2009

Strawberry Fare

I had to get up at 5:50am today. It's been a while.

My increasingly strange flatmate has gone to Wellington for the weekend, and since I want to drive his car, I had to drive him to the airport for his 6:45am flight.

Seriously, the last time I got up before 8am was two months ago, when I got up at like, 4:30am on race day at Worlds. Since then, I've been enjoying the life of a slacker, some days not moving from under my duvet until 1pm. This morning then, was a shock to the system.

It's a good thing I did, though, because this weekend is shaping up to be the closest thing to a classifiable storm. The disturbing sounds I woke up to (at 10am, after going back to bed) didn't sound unlike what I imagine a house being ripped off the ground would. You can imagine my alarm, then. It then began to rain mercilessly and I decided that today would be best spent reading research papers at the University library. Forgetting of course, that it's a public holiday in Christchurch today, and the library is closed. Ho, hum. Why I didn't work this one out prior to getting to the library doors and finding them locked, especially when this rather conspicuous note can be found on the library's websites (see below), I don't know. But I didn't, and instead I retreated to Westfield Riccarton, and mused over books I would like to buy at Borders. Bring on course-related costs (which, obviously, would be better off in my Japan savings account).

I'm getting to the point, which is... since my flatmate's away, I am going to survive solely on strawberries this weekend. My flatmate is clinically addicted to KFC, and despite my attempts to cook him dinner, he still goes out and buys it afterwards. I myself prefer strawberries, and since they're 2 for $5 at Countdown Church Corner, well... nom nom nom.

So here's to a weekend of staying inside with the heat pump on, reading research (starting tomorrow), and eating strawberries.

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