30 March 2009

In An Attempt To Look Like Aishwarya Rai...

Yeah, it's a long shot, but I've convinced myself that if I wear makeup like hers all the time, I will end up looking more Indian.

Case in point: L'Oreal Bare Naturale Gentle Mineral Blush. Swooooon. Thanks to iheartmake-up.blogspot.com, I was able to learn that the shade that Aishwarya wears is Tendre Bois de Rose. Or "Soft Rose" for us New Zealand-based Bollywood fans. 

I'm not far off, right?

And there she is. Adore! I tried on said shade in the weekend and it officially rocks my world. Add to that, a birthday cheque I received from my grandfather last month cleared today... so now I have *tonnes* of money! Okay, not tonnes, especially since I plan to hit up the Rise Against show tomorrow night at the Power Station. But enough to buy blush!

Soon, my Aishwarya Rai transformation shall be complete...

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