29 March 2009

This Month, On...

April is shaping up to be something of a busy month. Normally, I'd be excited beyond reason about the jewel in the crown of what would be my racing season, XTERRA, but since I've not been training, or working enough to foot the $140 race entry fee this year, I'm going to be an over-enthusiastic cheerleader for Team Cabin Racing. YAY! They're totally going to take the field apart this year. But before that...

April 5th - Sport Bay of Plenty's Half 4 Heart... a 3km, 5km, 10km or 21km walk or run to support the Heart Foundation. Will probably be making the pilgrimmage to Tauranga for this event. I'm torn between the 5km and 10km - at the HSBC Round The Bays a few weeks ago I managed the 8.4km on zero training, so the 10 is tempting, but at the same time a recurring hip flexor injury may restrict me to the 5. Oh well, I have a few more days to decide.

April 9th-13th - I'm going to Christchurch for Easter! This is a toss-up between yay and nay, because Sam is going to be visiting Auckland for the holiday from his new Sydney home. BUT, it is going to be something of a rare family reunion in Grimechurch, because my parents and sister are all going to be there too. So we'll see. I'm pinning my hopes on Sam staying an extra day on either the Thursday or Tuesday at Easter. If you're reading this, let me know on Facebook!!!

April 17th - SRA Graduation. Yes, they even call it "graduation" when your qualification is a Certificate in Fashion Makeup. Probably because most of the girls at SRA didn't even finish School C, or the new-age equivalent of it, "NCEA Level One". Urgh. Either way, time to dress up all pretty and try and look better than the rest of them. Should be a cinch if you exclude Grace from "them".

April 18th - XTERRA! Still considering the 11km run, just so I don't feel completely left out of my favourite event. My main activity for the day will be tracking the progress of the Individual race, where last year I somehow had the fastest run split of the 18-24 years age group. Speed racer, I know. Anyway, as mentioned, I'm rooting for Mark Leishman and Nic Leary to take out the men's and women's pro races, and will be quite difficult to live with, should they not. Mind you, I guess I won't be too disappointed should Scott Thorne edge out Mark. He is family, after all.

Here's hoping we don't need another bridesmaid dress
for Cabin at this year's XTERRA

April 25th - R4. Never heard of it? It's a mostly downhill 90km jaunt from Rotorua to Whakatane, and a race I hope I get a better result in than the Cambridge SUB race. Or there will be tears. Also scheduled to be the night of Kirby's farewell party (moving to Australia, surprise surprise), but since she's not bothered to reply to any of my texts, calls, or Facebook posts since December 27th, one assumes I won't be welcome. Meh.

So that's April. In between there somewhere I will HOPEFULLY be moving to Rotorua. YAY! I've applied for a job there, and while it's a long shot, you never know. I've also applied for most of the jobs my mum sent me in... Hamilton. So I could well end up moving back there. Sigh.

Stay tuned.

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