28 March 2009

You Might Be An SRA Student If...

It's kind of funny, because I hate school, but it's still my life.
I've only got a few examples for now, but I think I'll continue to build on this list...

- you open your locker so many times in a day that you try to use your locker key on your car or front door
- you go through a packet of 40 face wipes each week
- you've given up trying to look good on weekdays, because you know you're going to go home with a brow block, man makeup, sultry eyes or a red lip anyway
- you use words like "sum", "MSE", "blend", "apply" ALL the time and don't think it's weird
- you refer to your everyday makeup as a "look"
- the keys on your computer have traces of concealer and lipstick on them
- your bed is covered in shavings from sharpening eye pencils
- you have shoulder, arm and back injuries from carrying your kit
- you eat so many mints you wonder when the laxative effect will kick in
- you wouldn't dream of applying eyeshadow with the applicators provided in makeup
- you know whether someone's skin is a mix of "Sun Glow" and "Natural Honey" or something else in less than 2 seconds after looking at them
- you refuse to let people borrow your favourite lip shade, and keep it at home
- you critique strangers' makeup in your head when you pass them on the street
- having "droopy eyes" isn't an insult
- "Peach Daiquiri" is not something you buy at a bar, it's the best colour for sculpting your cheeks
- you wish all of the colours in the fashion pallettes could be used every day
- you visit the convenience store three times a day and are friends with the owner
- you feel slightly nervous in rooms that don't have mirrors for walls
- you hate catchup on Mondays
- you wish there was a toasted sandwich machine in the student area. Or some milk that didn't expire a week ago
- you love having short-haired models, because dolly heads are so much easier to work on
- you hated SPFX, but wish you were still doing it
- you hate your ID photo
- you wonder if you'll look better than everyone else at graduation
- you're tired. EVERY DAY
- you know way too much detail about everyone in your class' life
- "in-depth" conversation usually involves discussion about your favourite mascara wand shape

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