26 March 2009

Try This: Blue Smoky Eyes

It looks a bit frightening, and maybe even a touch 80s, but the blue smoky eye is a fun way to wear colour. The look below is for "Glamour", so a strong lip and eye are required, but as per usual, for most situations and for daywear, accentuate one feature.

Makeup by Grace Rosenberg at Samala Robinson Academy

Use a black eye pencil and apply with a brush - as for the regular smoky eye, all over the lid. Intensity of colour is less important for this look as we're going to be going over it with blue anyway! The black should be most intense on the lid and blended out past the crease.

With a clean eyeshadow brush with plenty of a bright cobalt blue (in this case, SRA's "Ultra Blue") on it, press (don't wipe) the colour over the top  of the black until the black is completely obscured. Blend out into a shape which complements your model's face and eye shape. For this look, Grace followed the natural contour of the eye, but you may like to wing it out and upwards, or go for a more football-shaped coverage.

Apply black liner to the bottom waterline and set with the same shade you used to smoke out, while extending the colour just below the lashline. Use an angle brush for this.

Use tonnes of mascara, and fill and groom your eyebrows... You're done.

If you struggle with the smoky eye, you're not alone! Don't worry, the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Seriously, I did smoky eyes on about five models today, and each one got progressively better. 

Other colours that are hot to smoke out with: bronzed browns and camel-based shades (especially on green/hazel eyes!), and silver. I did a silver smoky eye on the tiniest Vietnamese girl in the history of the world today, with stunning Aishwarya Rai-esque green eyes - based on a Hayden Panettiere look - and she loved it. Actually, so did I, and I'm a little gutted that I didn't get pictures, but anyway. Here's one of Hayden.

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