18 March 2009

"The Age Of Dissonance" or Heartbreak

Gossip Girl is pretty much my life.

This morning, Sally erupted into my day unexpectedly but as always, warmly welcomed.
"The latest Gossip Girl is up." she told me, and with that, the fate of my day was sealed.

I was mistakenly led to believe that episode seventeen was the final in the series, however I was proven wrong by the tear-jerker that was "The Age Of Dissonance". I'm waiting patiently for Blair and Chuck to sort out their shit, in the hope that Donny and I will follow suit. You know, in one of those "art imitates life" - only reversed - scenarios.

Is it just me or was Chuck better looking in this episode?

Let's get lost tonight

Yes, mmm it's official: I want his babies. In a parallel universe of course, where I actually want babies and am not married to Donny (that is how this is going to end. I promise). I want Chuck Bass babies.

This weekend promises to be a cracker:
Saturday, Harjeet and I are putting on our best faces and outfits (and Indian sandals!) and hitting up day four of the India v New Zealand cricket test in Seddon Park, Hamilton. Look out, Punjabis... we're on the prowl, and we're pretty much the best-looking girls who are ever going to be interested in you.

Sunday, I have race five of the Molenberg SUB Stride and Ride (or whatever it's called. I'm too excited about the cricket to care.) in Cambridge. In what could be a landmark, my mum is coming too!! She's never been to a swimming meet before. Could she be taking an interest in my cycling career?!

Yes, yes I have high hopes for my weekend. Fingers crossed a certain other Punjabi can keep his cellphone and his laptop far enough out of reach to let me get some sleep while I'm in the town of cows.

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