8 March 2009

And You! My True Love

Happy Birthday Sophie!!!

Her MTV-themed 21st went off without a hitch. There was the Beastie Boys, Lady Gaga, about ten Travis Barkers, Bjork, Kanye West, Tequila Tom (a take on "A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila")... and many more. Obviously, the Beastie Boys - three friends from the Whangamata Surf Club, Sophie's second home - took the prize for "Best Dressed", and then broke into a very convincing dance sequence to "Intergalactic". Impressive.

I dressed as "My Super Sweet 16", an outfit that required many hours of work on both my mother and my behalf. Costume parties are my achilles heel, and I have to limit myself to one each year, or I would spend my life designing and producing costumes!! Rather unflattering photos to follow.

I even wore fake lashes. Not the easiest task I've ever undertaken, and a source of stress for most of the night ("oh, my gosh Surrey! I think my eyelashes are falling off!"), but I'd do it again in a heartbeat. If there's one improvement I'll make next time, it's to take a bag. I dropped my cellphone on the floor while dancing like a crazy person to "Freestyler" - enjoy the memories guys. I NEVER dance in public - where Bevan stood on it trying to take photos of Thom, who was dressed as Steve-o (wearing a speedo and with tattoos drawn all over his back and arms). Oops.

Anything else? Well, it might have been nice if Donny didn't turn up. He was, of course, drunk. And as always, classy while drinking from a whiskey bottle. I'm in love with this guy WHY? Anyway, he made sure to remain in my line of vision all night, even sitting in a chair right beside me at one point, without ever actually acknowledging my presence.

Imagine my alarm then when, this morning I logged onto Facebook to find an email from him in the early hours of the morning. It suggested, rather forcefully, that I should text him, call him, visit him. I didn't read said email for about seven hours after it had been sent, so when I did text him (yep, I caved. I do every time), he replied that he'd been drunk and didn't mean a word of it. Surprise, surprise.

So, the happiest night of my life led to one of the worst days of my life, as I spent most of it in tears. Thanks, asshole.

Still, I'm going to come out of this worse off, as if word gets out (as it inevitably does, via Facebook, this site... Gossip Girl...) it will somehow become that I emailed him and demanded sex. I love technology.

Worse still is the fact that momentarily, I wished that I'd read the email at the moment he sent it, because then at least I would have got to have seen him without being ignored. Can you imagine? WANTING to visit someone in that state? Yeah. This is love.


  1. How did you make your skirt? It's pretty!

  2. my mum made it!! it's a petticoat with two tiers of netting worn under a shiny pink skirt hehe... isn't it amazing!! it looks like something out of painted babies.