24 March 2009


Weird stuff from here and around the place...

1: The Phil Spector retrial
First of all, I'm getting a little bored of all these people being retrialed for crimes. Here in New Zealand we're given updates every five minutes of the everlasting David Bain saga, while in California, second-degree murder suspect and all-round weirdo Phil Spector is being tried again for the 2003 death of Lana Clarkson.
From a CNN website:
Do added that Clarkson spent her last day alive shopping with her mother before work. She bought eight pairs of shoes, and Do said it is hard to believe that any woman with so many new shoes would "then go out and commit suicide."

Umm... is she being serious? I mean, really. Buying eight pairs of shoes might help you shrug off the fact that your burnt your breakfast and then stepped in dog poop on your way to put the trash out, but I highly doubt that if you were genuinely suicidal, shoes would really do the trick. They're only fucking shoes!

But I guess I don't know. I wasn't there.

2. fushnchups.co.nz
Worst blog. Ever. Yes, it's a big call, but one I feel is accurate. You guys should go and read it. It's some lunatic Australian coons who moved here and started writing a blog about how shit New Zealand is compared to Australia. Umm, find a hobby?
Case in point: The half-braindead author at one point claims New Zealanders lack worldliness, then goes on to crow about how ignorant Australians are towards us ("I wasn't even sure what the capital was. Turns out it's Wellington.") Is that REALLY something you want to be proud of? Knowing absolutely nothing about a country? I'd be embarrassed. They then claim that pretty much every young New Zealander knows everything about Australia, and it's a "rite of passage" that we flock over there to work for at least a year or two. Okay, then.
It's poorly written too, laced heavily with bad humour and 90s phrases ("True story.")
We get it, you think you're better than us. So get out. Get out!

3. Hamilton (?!)
Recently, my inbox has been getting filled during the day with job references from seek.co.nz - mostly from my mum. Cool, yes I need a job really quite urgently. But all of the jobs so far have been in Hamilton. Yes, the place I moved away from. The place where Donny still lives, and rules. It's also where Yasmin and Becky live, but they're moving up here soon anyway!
Admittedly, I'm broke and desperately need a job so I can buy my plane ticket to Chicago for my best friend Jen's May 2010 wedding, and living at home is the easiest way to make tonnes of money. Hamilton also has its conveniences: proximity to Rotorua (and Auckland), a few friends, a gym I actually like, and my favourite bike shop.
But it's Hamilton! And I love Auckland!

4. Gossip Girl, episode 19
Should be available shortly on ch131.com.

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