5 January 2009

I voted for the Green candidate in my local electorate, but I still won't date you

Today, when I was waiting to board a flight (there were so many, I don't remember which one it was now), a strange thing caught my eye.

It was the case of a wind or brass instrument of some description, with a bumper sticker that read "I only date girls who vote Green.".

Luckily for frequent readers, I didn't start my blog until after last year's election, or you would have experienced a barrage of propaganda for The Maori Party. Yeah, I'm being dead serious.

In the 2005 election, I refused to vote because I didn't pay any attention to party policies or anything remotely political in the lead-up to the vote. Last year was different. I was determined to make an informed choice - one that would use my voice for good. And so, come election day, I strode in to Whitiora School and placed my party vote in the circle next to "Maori Party", and my local electorate vote in the circle next to Linda Persson's name. She's the Hamilton East candidate for the Green Party.

I didn't listen when people told me my vote for Pita Sharples was wasted because there's no way a minority party would make a difference in the government. I ignored those who said the election was a two-horse race between Helen Clark and eventual victor John Key. That wasn't what was important to me. For me, it was about giving all New Zealanders the best opportunity to flourish, under whichever government, and that's why I voted for the Maori Party. I felt good when I watched election coverage that night on television and saw that my vote was part of 2.2% of the population that supported the Party. Waste of a vote? No way.

Anyway, the guy attached to the musical instrument case was a bit of a dud. I know, I know - I shouldn't be so quick to judge people. But I am. He was frumpy. Undefined in every sense of the word - middle-aged woman-like arms, jeans hemmed just too short, a non-descript navy t-shirt, and a pink scarf. Yes, baby pink. His hair looked like his mother, who was travelling with him, had cut it herself from a picture of John Lennon from 1950. And he only dates girls that vote Green.

Don't girls that vote Green want to date guys like... I don't know, Chris? I know I do.

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