13 January 2009

21st Season All Over Again

In 2006/2007, pretty much everyone I know had their 21sts.

Mine was in February of 2007, and I didn't have a party. I didn't attend many - I went to Ben's and Casey's, and I think that's about it. Not even my own sister's (which ended with her cutting her foot on a broken bottle - probably being used for spotting - and crying because I wasn't there. Classy).

In what seems to be a stroke of proof of my "real age", a bunch of people I actually like are having their 21sts now. In 2009. I'm 23 in less than a month. Hmmm.

Olivia sent out a text message last night, requesting addresses for invites, and stating that it is to be a "formal" occasion. Thank god. An excuse to buy an extravagant dress, new shoes, and to get my hair done! I asked my mother if she would make me a dress.  She was the genius behind my awesome Wintec ball dress in 2007 (black, inside-out shantung satin. Amazing). I jumped online and started my hunt.

So many questions arise when you're on the hunt for the perfect dress. What colour? How long? Which kind of neckline? Sleeves? Straps? What's the back going to look like?

Being an idiot, I decided on hot pink and started trawling bluefly.com for ideas. For once, nothing really caught my eye there (except a Chanel flower brooch for like, $700. Appropriate!), so I hit up polyvore.com, even Google!

I've since decided on a dress with a ruched bodice. It's probably going to be short because, well - I'm promiscuous. And I'm no longer sure if it's going to be pink. I am kind of drawn towards going with something a little more acidic - maybe lime green. Just because EVERYONE there is going to be in pink or black.

I'm now on a diet (after my mince and cheese pie this morning), because there's nothing quite like turning up at someone's 21st looking skinny and in a lime green dress.

Sophie's 21st is March 7th. Now, if you know Sophie (and I offer my most heartfelt apologies if you don't, because she is possible THE coolest person on the face of the planet) you just know that she's going to have a completely stupendous theme. She's actually calling for suggestions, but I dare say her imagination will out-stretch anyone else's, and it will be something off the hook and completely unheard of.

Bad news: she's recently become friends with Donny, who asked me the other night if I would go home with him this Friday. Fancy pre-planning your booty calls, anyone? Eww!
Anyway, that just means my diet is going to have to last until then, and I'm going to need a facial, manicure, pedicure, and anything else you can think of so I look beyond fabulous. That way, I'll feel even better when I refuse to go home with him for a sly night.

Dress ideas for Olivia's are welcome... as are great beauty spas in the greater North Shore region..

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