18 January 2009

The Crayon Theory

Some insight from Emma's Facebook "Info" page:
"we could learn a lot from crayons - some are sharp, some are pretty, some are dull, some have weird names, some are more popular than others - but they all have to learn to live in the same box."

Now, I don't know about you, but I actually put a bit of thought into what I write on my info page. It's not that I want to appear "cool", or anything, I just think it's a reflection of how you go about life. Unsurprisingly, Emma's and mine are aesthetically quite similar. She claims to be amazed when I've read something on hers, but I'm not so sure. The number of people who have asked me about my high school education at the School of Assassins is proof that people are a lot more snoopy than they let on. I for one have no problem admitting I read others' info pages thoroughly, and occasionally judging them on it. Mispelt words and random capitalisation are two of my favourites. Donny, for example, incorrectly capitalised the word "soccer" in his interests, and yep - adds fuel to the fire.

The guy that Holly married recently lists literally EVERY job he's ever had on his. Who cares? Seriously, it's not like people are impressed by the fact that you were a "demonstrator" for MED205. You didn't get into medicine. Demonstrating for second-year medicine labs isn't all that. On the other hand, Becky lists her current employer as her son, Rhys. Her position? "Mother". I think that is super cute.

Somewhere between green-yellow and yellow-green?

Back to the crayon theory - it's cute, isn't it? And so true. I think it should be written on walls all over the world. If everybody went around with this in mind, and actually put it into practice, I think there would be a lot less unnecessary conflict around the place. I still get upset by stupid Indian stereotypes, even when they're kind of true. I've had guys yell things out windows of cars at me while sauntering through the streets of Hamilton - mostly comments about the way I walk. Because you know, I do this on purpose. I could walk normally if I wanted, but I try to be different, just so idiots like you can harrass me. Assholes.

For what it's worth, I have noticed myself making more generalisations about Hamilton people since I moved away. There's the Ford crew, the Holden crew, the Mongrel Mob kids, and then the rest of the jerks that drive around in Skylines with blow-off valves. Are you serious? They weren't even cool when I was fourteen. I don't like your chances now.
"You just don't get this where I live!" I complained to my mother after we unsuccessfully tried to walk around a bunch of guys swaggering through a mall with stupid haircuts, sagged pants and one leg rolled up to the knee.

Maybe it's because I go through life with my glasses blurred, but in Bayswater, the most annoying people are the ones who try lean their crappy Litespeed bikes up against mine and Chris' on the ferry. The guys here are for the most part confident (not insecure), friendly, and not retarded. The girls wear dresses just a little bit too short. I fit in like a round peg.

It's kind of weird, because I've never really fitted in anywhere, and I kind of liked it like that. In first year uni, my friend called me "eccentric". It was a compliment, but I didn't really see where she was coming from.
"You're a swimmer," she said "with a shaved head. Today you're wearing a pink hat with the craziest skirt I've ever seen. And you ride your bike to class."
Apparently Aquarians have a tendency to be eccentric, but I don't know that I'd go to that extreme when describing myself. I mean, I like Britney Spears and McDonald's. Hardly mainstays of eccentricity.

Either way, I fit into the crayon box somewhere. I'd like to think I'm yellow. But I get the feeling I'm slate grey.

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