16 January 2009

Working on my Playstation tan

Cycling tan and Playstation tan are pretty similar. You get them from doing waaaay too much of either: riding bikes. OR playing video games. Since I'm not a huge gaming fan (my last foray into video games was when I owned a Nintendo64 and played Zelda compulsively at age twelve), you can imagine that my biggest problem in life is wearing sleeveless tops that showcase my cycling jersey marks. It's awesome, especially when I have so many sleeveless-top functions coming up. The first of which is tonight: Becky's birthday!

I rode my bike for nearly four hours today. I rode around the entire city boundary of Hamilton. Twice. I even made it out to Ngaruawahia - which isn't far, but about 12km between northern Hamilton and Ngaruawahia is borderline unsealed road. As you can imagine, it's like heaven (or hell, depending on your understanding of sarcasm). Anyway, all in all it was a good day in the saddle. Nothing compared to my Bayswater - Riverhead - Downtown - St. Helier's jaunt the other day, but I had a good time. I'm learning to ride sans-iPod, for my own safety.

Now I have an even deeper bike tan. My mother has tried to console me.
"At least you look like you get out and about!" she mused. Great. It's like having a face "only a mother could love." Which I kind of do, anyway. It's not like I have options, though. I'm gonna have to go out there tonight and rock the cyclist look. Yeehaw.

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