22 January 2009

Citizen Erased

Two of the coolest people in my life are leaving.

Tomorrow, Stephanie (Rex's girlfriend) is moving to Germany for a year. She's going to be a nanny. And she's going to write a book. It's going to be amazing, because Steph is inexplicably cool and that's just how the world works.

And Sam - superhuman Sam, that is - has just accepted a new post in Sydney, Australia. Funnily enough, Libby - his ex-girlfriend - wants him back. Surprised? I'm not. I think she did a pretty stupid thing in breaking up with him in the first place. Obviously, so does she. Too late though, hey? Again, way of the world.

I'm being selfish when I complain that these people are leaving me. You know, when life comes knocking at the door, I guess you can ignore it. Hope it will go away. Or you can answer the door and book a flight to Germany.

Goodbye guys. You made my life in Auckland that much cooler.

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