6 January 2009

Graphic v3.0

Hooray! Patience prevails and I'm once again happy with my graphic efforts.

Thoughts are, as always, welcome (here and on Facebook, darlings).

Left to right:
MAC's Lash and Dash... false lashes for the shrinking violet
Ksenia Semenova... incredible Russian gymnast, shut out of the all-around medals at the Beijing Olympics
National Ballet of Cuba... promotional shot from 2001, apparently
Mat Hoffman... BMX star who's so fucked from crashing he can hardly walk now. Legend
Freja Beha Erichsen... oh, for the love of cheekbones
Christian Vande Velde... yeah, you get to eat ice-cream when you win the Giro d'Italia, guys
Nastia Liukin... or her hands, at least. 2008 Olympic all-around champion, Gossip Girl one-hit-wonder
Greg Graffin... my life

What's the verdict? Do we likey this one? Or go back to the old one?


  1. Nice! They are not pixelated anymore.

  2. yay, glad you like. yeah, i think the other one was all grainy cuz i saved it as a bitmap first and it got munched. hooray for pdf!