28 January 2009

Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town

By Saturday (the night of Libby's 21st) I swear, I am going to look like this.

When Libby announced the date of her soiree, I resolved to diet, stop wearing makeup, you know... get better-looking. Unfortunately since then I've been living on a diet of red licorice and Wendy's, wearing TONNES of makeup (though in my defense, it's pretty unavoidable when you're at makeup school) and hardly sleeping. Sooo instead of looking fabulous this weekend, it appears that I'm going to look like the Grand High Witch. Only fatter.

Still, there are worse things.

A friend told me tonight that he has a vendetta against so-called "attractive" people. (Actually, he said "so called" attractive people, but in the interest of grammatical correctness I've edited his words) You can tell that this guy is from Hamilton, because there are pretty much NO attractive people down there (except maybe Becky). I responded with the fact that I love models. I make no apologies for this. Models are, for the most part, good looking. They have cheekbones, clavicles, knees that don't touch... How I wish I was a model. Mind you, I just pretty much described Grace, and she's not a model, so maybe I'm missing something.

"Summer shots"

That's Grace. Today she referred to a cookie as "my little friend". She is the most unexpected person ever. I just love her! I'm thinking about sending her to Libby's in place of me.

Anyway, since there's still four days to go, I figure I've got time. As of now, I'm on a vegetable diet. Good thing I can't get enough of cherry tomatoes! Seriously, I ate two punnets of them tonight, in the space of less than an hour. I've also put some money to good use for once and splashed out on some Lush products: Sweet Japanese Girl cleanser, Love Lettuce mask and a Vit C toner tab. This is a new product I've not used before. Before Saturday, I hadn't been into Lush for far too long. I'm not a frequent pedestrian on Queen Street, so the aroma that never fails to draw me in from up to 400 yards away hasn't really registered with my olfactory glands for a while. On Saturday, disappointed because MAC Chancery was closed and disgruntled because the girl at Gloria Jean's got my order wrong (exasperated sigh!), I smelt Lush before I saw it, and ventured in. What a treat! If you've used Sweet Japanese Girl before, you'll know what I'm talking about. Unfortunately, it won't make me Japanese (why am I so determined to be anyone but me!?), or sweet... but you know. I think I deserved to splash out.

Yeah, so I'm still optimistic about this weekend. If all else fails, at least my dress is pretty cool. I'm kind of missing the point here - which is that Libby's celebrating her twenty-first birthday. Congratulations!! Libby is a longtime and highly appreciated friend. I struggle to think of a time where I needed her and she wasn't there. In fact, I think a lot of her friends would say the same. She's a tough nut to crack, but let me assure you - it's worth it. It's for this reason that I'm skipping a bike race the following morning to join her for her birthday. There's no-one else like Libby.

It was upsetting to have to go back to SRA today, especially given my discovery of the incredible Long Bay yesterday. After a bike ride in the morning (which made up for Saturday's forgettable effort), I drove up there and floated in the sea for a few hours. I love East Coast Bays. It made things a little more bearable when we started learning the "sultry" look today. That is to say, smoky eyes.

I can't any photos I want to put up here, which is probably okay, because I think everyone knows what I'm talking about? Yes? No? Anyway, these babies are easier than expected. And I'm not just saying that. Sure, I have 28 makeup brushes to choose from, but I only actually needed two of them for this look. A step-by-step guide will follow later this week!

Sorry. I couldn't resist!!

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  1. Ok, I have a few comments I'd like to make:

    1. I love The Witches.
    2. You are going to look amazing, much like the grand high witch when she is Angelica Huston.
    3. Good eye make-up.

    I think that about covers it...