12 January 2009

I shouldn't complain, but...

It is SO hot right now.

Like, so hot that I'm actually not going riding today. I'm having enough trouble regulating my temperature sitting on the couch at 2/70. It's unbearable.

In New Zealand, I get annoyed by all the people who complain all winter about how shit the weather is, and how much they love summer. Then, when summer rolls around, they all sit around complaining about the heat. First of all, winters here aren't even winters. They are like, mild, paltry excuses for bad weather - which actually makes for good times at Woodhill and Whakarewarewa. Summer, although it takes a while to get going, is usually pretty sweet too. But I'm afraid that since it's sweltering hot, even in the shade, I'm jumping on the bandwagon.

Really, if I'd planned my day properly, I could have gone riding this morning before it got hot. When my alarm went off this morning I should have gotten out of bed. But due to the fact that my "early night" wound up with me still playing on Trekbikes.com's Project One at 3am, my 8am wake-up call resulted in my cellphone being thrown against the wall.

This morning's best effort on trekbikes.com

Anyway, I've just had word that Steve is building me a makeshift track bike to use this Wednesday, when we're apparently jumping the fence at the Manukau Velodrome. Awesome. Tomorrow night is my first criterium for the year at North Harbour Cycling Club (don't think I've forgiven them for their rudeness just yet, I just need some racing), and between now and then I'm visiting A T. rex Named Sue at the Auckland Museum, going for a dawnie up Mt Wellington, and getting a midnight feed at Denny's on Hobson Street.

In other news, I'm excited that Nic and Cabin are still alive! Hooray. nicandcabin.blogspot.com

Okay, I actually need to go lay down before I melt.

Peace and love, yo.

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