23 November 2008

The Great Dilemma

School starts tomorrow!

I have nothing to wear.

Well, I do, but I'm having trouble deciding. Naturally, I'm so stoked with my purchase yesterday that I want to wear that. But I just don't see my Slipstream cycling jersey fitting in too well amongst girls who are probably going to be wearing dresses. Kirby and I went shopping before I moved to buy clothes appropriate to wear to makeup school, but of course I'm having doubts. How appropriate are RPM shorts? Never mind though. I'm sort of unwilling to overhaul my entire wardrobe just for four months of school.

I also bought this wicked nice, but also not too versatile, blue top thing from Principals. It has a cutout on the back which I LOVE, but at the same time it can only really be worn with one pair of pants. Tights. Not a huge fan of tights, but hey - if they're good enough for Lauren Conrad, they're good enough for me. The colour of the top is perfect, too. If you've seen my Ilam Village ball photos from 2006 - it's that blue. At the same time, this top is sleeveless, and I'm not that happy about sitting on the ferry tomorrow morning at 7:55am in a fancy blue sleeveless top.

You see? I can't win.

The other purchase I made was a pair of denim shorts from Max. Denim shorts don't sound too fancy, I know... but these are like, nice denim. They're quite smart, and flattering. Which I love, of course. The only problem is, these are the shorts I was wearing last week when I crashed my bike on a hill about 200 metres from school. I don't know why this is a problem... it just is.

So that's the new items, now I guess I have the option of wearing something old. The item that sticks out (mainly because I can see them from where I'm sitting) is my grey-checked shorts from *cough* Glassons. I know, I know, Glassons is trash. But fucking everybody shops there, so who cares really. These shorts are like an old friend. My favourite outfit combination with them is my black Nike polo. Makes me look like a golfer. But not a makeup artist.

Luckily, I'm a tshirt hoarder, so I have about 50 to choose from (and this is AFTER I gave the ones I don't wear to Danielle for her charity). My favourite of which isn't old, but isn't brand new either - it's a Roxy tshirt I bought during Breast Cancer Month from the Roxy store in Sylvia Park. It's a bit more fun than the Glassons ones (but just for safety measures, I have four of them anyway), and like my new Max shorts, quite flattering. It's also the top I was wearing a few weeks ago for my first attempt at asking out a guy (more on that later, if you're interested), so in my books, it's cursed. That said, it's pretty, and fit-in worthy, so it could be a shoo-in. Another nice attribute to this top is that it's grey marl - which sounds nasty, but is actually quite versatile. Granted, I can't wear it with my UCLA shorts (which were obviously *cough* top of my list of shorts to wear to school...) but I can wear it with said checked shorts, my Max shorts, my RPM shorts... probably all of the mini-skirts I own (but maybe not until later in the season when my legs are a little more presentable). Like I said, versatile!!

Then I've got a bunch of other tops from various places - the most notable of which is one from Max that I bought last year for Kirby's design exhibition. It's nice enough to wear to the ballet, but also casual enough to go grocery shopping in. I'm thinking it will go nicely with the denim shorts, or my skinny jeans... once I get around to cleaning the milkshake stain off them from a late night at Denny's in Christchurch a few weeks ago.

All of these are good, but for the first day? I'm still so torn. Actually, my last years' ball dress is looking promising. Wear it with that pink studded belt I stole from Donny a few months ago, and I'm hot to trot. Or something.

Okay, so the outfit may be half-sorted, but I still have shoes to worry about. I don't really have the options with shoes that I do with outfits (and I call myself a girl? Disappointing.), and most days it comes down to which pair of jandals best matches my top, or my nail polish. Nine times out of ten, I'll throw caution to the wind and go with my yellow Havaianas, but due to some unimaginable momentary lapse of reason, I didn't bring these with me when I moved. Can you imagine? My life without yellow jandals?! Anyway, I do have a pair of brown/bronze slim Havs, plain blue Havs, purple-and-silver striped Havs, my Greek Havs, and two pairs of Gisele Ipanema jandals. And some baby pink hi-top Chucks, but I'm still debating if they're EVER going to be appropriate for makeup school. It's a shame my $630 Sidi cycling shoes are only for well, cycling. Seeing a theme here? All the expensive stuff I love can only be worn while on a bike. Sigh. Life is tough, let me tell you.

The slim Havs are probably my best bet. If I'm even allowed to wear jandals at school? I'm going to be screwed if not. They're a bit (a BIT) more classy than my other pairs, and brown goes with everything I own. Except maybe the ball dress.

I've been typing for an hour now, and I don't feel any closer to deciding what to wear tomorrow. I think I might end up getting dressed in the dark.

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