24 November 2008

Day One at SRA

Today is pretty much the worst day in the history of Auckland's weather. And you should know by now that I NEVER exaggerate. When I got up this morning, I found it pretty hard not to wail "I don't wanna get up!" even though no-one would have heard me. Eventually (by this I mean five minutes later) I hauled myself into the shower and thus my day officially began.

I had my wardrobe drama as expected and went with the Max shorts and a purple v-neck top from Principals. I chose my brown/bronze slim Havs over my Chucks (mainly for colour co-ordination purposes) and soon I was almost ready to go. Of course, there was then the issue of what eyeshadow to wear. Trust me when I say this was almost as much of a drama as the clothing issue. I chose one colour and applied it, before deciding it looked awful and swiping some Benefit 10 over the top. Ahh, Benefit. Will you ever do me wrong?

Anyway, when I finally tried to leave the house, I opened the door and nearly got sucked out by the wind tunnel I'd just created. What a great day. Of course, it then began to rain and my newly straightened hair went back to its natural, nasty curly ways. I don't have curly hair like say, June Carter-Cash had curly hair. My hair looks more like Bob Dylan's. And for a girl at makeup school, it's not a good look. I managed to misread the ferry timetable and arrive a half-hour early, so I sat in the waiting lounge and watched Al Jazeera. Isn't that channel like, run by Osama Bin Laden?

It was once I got off the ferry that the bad weather in downtown Auckland reared its ugly head. The direction of the rather ferocious wind blew the rain straight into me as I shuffled down Beach Road, leaping over puddles and trying to navigate various roadwork sites. By the time I arrived at school, my makeup was pretty much gone, I was close to soaking wet, and I had my Bob Dylan hair on. What a great start.

Things got better from there. I was surprised when the other girls actually wanted to talk to me, for one. We were given a course outline, rules, pretty much just the basics and then we were let go. I walked back to the ferry terminal with the lovely Grace, who is already thinking of quitting. It's a shame, because she is wicked nice and cute and seems like she wants to do makeup, but she claims to be no good with rules, and she also lives where it's near impossible to get to school on time using public transport. Tough times.

I at least have no intention of quitting. I may need the afternoon of the last day of school off (17 April next year - the day before XTERRA), but until then I intend to, and expect to be the best student in the class. I also hope to make use of my MAC discount card. I know right, like I need an excuse to buy more stuff from there.

All in all, it was a pretty successful day. Bar the weather, obviously. As it would happen our first unit is on Special Effects makeup, so we're expected to dress fairly scruffily for the next two weeks. We're also supposed to come to school bare-faced. Could be interesting.

For now, it's nap time, owing to the fact that I was so nervous I stayed up until 2am reading PostSecret this morning. Will I ever learn?

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