21 November 2008

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19 Nov 2008

So I've moved.

I now live in Bayswater, which is far and away the greatest suburb on Auckland's North Shore (sorry Torbay. I'm a convert). I live in a sweet house with some sweet people. My life is sweet again. To be honest I can't remember the last time I felt less stressed than I do right now.

Some might argue that I moved here on a whim, but let me assure you I did not. Those who knew me when I was between the ages of 13 and 17 will know that back in those days, my goal in life was to move here. Granted, I'm a little old to attend Rangitoto College now, but I can still ride down East Coast Road on the Jamis and live my little dream out in my head. I get lost past there, but that's okay. I'm still new.

Next week I will begin my training at the Samala Robinson Academy. Yep - to become a makeup artist. Whether this has been mentioned in previous notes escapes me, but I really like makeup. I'm not bad at it, either, but I'm not qualified to do it for money. It wouldn't concern me much if I had another career lined up, buuut I don't. Makeup as a career you say? Yes, actually. And if it doesn't work out then, I'm still Miriam Jenkins BSc (Chemistry). So I don't care.

This week I have applied for eight jobs in the Auckland area. Yeah, one is at the airport, which is nearly an hour away (Auckland is big, people. Don't believe what Julia Toomey tells you on that University of Auckland ad!) - but if the rejection letter I received from a Takapuna cellphone dealership tonight is anything to go by, then I probably won't get it anyway. Seriously, if anyone out there can tell me what makes me so fucking unemployable, I'm all ears. I don't get it. Yeah, so behind closed doors I'm a hermit, selfish, and kind of hate myself. But it's not like I bring that to the workplace! Come on people, play the game. If I don't get a job, I'm going to be living on $5 a week. Not ideal if you've seen my race schedule for this season.

Which brings me to my next point - is there a better place in New Zealand to be a triathlete? And don't say Rotorua or Taupo, because I already know, and I would be living there if the makeup school was there. But the North Shore is pretty much it, and once I figure my way round these hilly streets, you all better watch your backs at Kinloch next year. Well... that's if I can afford to get there. Today, it's not looking good. Granted, $6 per swim is pretty steep - coming from Cowtown, where I pay $1.80 each time. But there are beaches everywhere here. And there's the Takapuna Beach Series, where if you win, you get $100. See you there next week, bitches. At the end of the day, as long as I can afford to drive down to Rotorua a couple times to pre-ride the XTERRA course (my goal is 50 rides over Billy T, but I'll deal with 20), AND afford to enter ($125), then I don't really care.

Oh well. At the end of the day, it's only money. Grows on trees out back. Didn't I start this note saying I was stress-free now, anyway? Yeehaw.

Once my new laptop (it's yellow!) arrives, I will be moving my Facebook ramblings to blogspot, and I hope to see you there. For now... good night.

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